Friday, July 3, 2009

Brooklyn Centre Looses another Historical Structure (UPDATE #2)

It's great to know who our elected officials are at voting time and who are the ones that don't wish to see Brooklyn Centre prosper as a "historic" renaissance neighborhood. I wonder if Brian Cummins record that is so impeccable will be able to follow him into his new ward without some sort of smudge? With no help from Mr. Cummins, who already had two other "potentially historic structures" demolished along Denison Avenue, we are now poised to tear down a "hidden gem" of Brooklyn Centre history. A six unit Rowhouse built in 1905 with a frame and fire station red brick design that also has such rare oddities as hand cut sandstone foundation, window sills and window crowns. The second floor trims out with a full unique frame Apron and full-lovely intact rake mouldings and rake moulding returns, all still in place. A truly unique extra large 12/12 pitched roof line all with six individual units with firebrick separator walls. What a waste!! This building should be restored, celebrated and be given historical period upgrades not destroyed. To add insult to injury the owner of three of the units, a local slumlord was given 750.000 thousand dollars of our tax dollars to relinquish ownership. It is so disgusting I just want to puke on Brian Cummins desk! Thanks to Brian and the City of Cleveland for another "wham bam thank you ma'am" done deal that ______ our neighborhood in the process! I certainly hope that our new Councilperson, whom ever that may be will have the common sense and the tenacity to see right from wrong and help move our neighborhood forward, not backward.

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