Friday, July 24, 2009

12 Down 7 More to Go!

After clicking on the previous screen to enlarge we see that our sturdy Row House, scratch that, I'm going to "coin it" now for the sake of History, "Midland Terrace" was indeed built in 1905 and we also see that it is only one of seven buildings that still grace our Cityscape;
built by George S. King. It is to bad that for a man who made Cleveland his home, his life, his works are slowly being demolished one by one. That City is Cleveland, a torturous and dirty corrupt City. What kind of City would treat one of its own artists, a hardworking and creatively minded local architect with such disgrace? Only Cleveland.

Of a total of nineteen buildings built in Cleveland, twelve have been demolished and only seven currently remain standing. Our lovely "Midland Terrace" Row House (soon to be demolished) will bring that slow treading drumbeat to six. While Mr. King was noted for apartments and "Terrace" style structures like the one he created for the Midland Realty Company in 1905 that currently looks like a raggedy mess along Denison Avenue, that will now dwindle down to a lonely One that will remain. Otherwise, Four Commercial buildings still stand and One home on West 41st. Ironically, many of the structures that have been demolished are on the East side of Cleveland, the side of town the Architect was from.
With all this depressing news, comes some new era sunshine, one needs to ask the following:

Why do we have a Landmarks commission in this City if it fails to do the job of preserving Cleveland history and the memory of those designers of the Architecture that made this City a once great City!! Only in a City like Cleveland can we destroy restored historical buildings on Public Square like the Cuyahoga and Williamson Buildings. I was there with tears in my eyes perched like a bird watching as they were imploded and came tumbling to the ground. Absolutely, disgusting to say the least. I think the landmarks Commission of Cleveland just needs to disband, after all Mr. Mayor, think of the money you would save by getting rid of the Cleveland Landmarks Commission. With the offset you could hire more police, to deal with the higher crime you are going to have with all this new condensed public housing. I wonder how George S. King would feel if he knew that his last standing first creation as an Architect at the young creative age of only 29 years, truly a hidden crown jewel of Brooklyn Centre, was soon to be replaced with public housing? What kind of world are we living in anyway? Is there not any honor in "honor" anymore?

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